Film Florida Elects 2023 – 2024 Officers; Sandy Lighterman Named President of Organization

Sandy Lighterman, Film Commissioner for Broward County (Film Lauderdale), has been elected President of Film Florida. It was announced at the Film Florida Annual Meeting, along with the entire Film Florida Board of Directors for 2023-2024. The 2023-2024 Film Florida Board of Directors (and Alternate Board Members) reside in fourteen different counties in Florida stretching […]

$10 Million Fund Incentive Program to Attract High Profile Films and TV Series

Hollywood Beach & Broadwalk 31

Broward County, FL (April 3, 2023) — Film Lauderdale has launched a new, additional, and more robust program named the Special Projects Incentive. With a $10 million fund, this performance-based program intends to attract high profile feature films and television series that provide longer term job creation. It is now the largest incentive program offered for […]

Fort Lauderdale Ranks #4 in Top 10 Places to Live & Work as a Filmmaker

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA - January 23, 2014: Variety of people, mostly men, exercising in the public exercise equipment area and basketball courts of Fort lauderdale Beach Park on a mostly sunny day.

– Film Lauderdale featured in Moviemaker Magazine – BROWARD COUNTY, FL – MovieMaker Magazine has named the City of Fort Lauderdale as one of the Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker in 2023. Ranked number four, the City of Fort Lauderdale made the top ten list of best Smaller Cities and Towns to Live and Work […]

Travis Pastrana’s new Gymkhana Video Spotlights Broward County

Travis Pastrana's new Gymkhana cars in a garage

– New trending YouTube video exceeds 11 million views – Broward County, FL – World renowned motorsports legend Travis Pastrana released his latest YouTube video earlier this month with Fort Lauderdale in the spotlight. The video reached more than 11 million views in ten days and has been regularly included on YouTube’s top trending videos list. […]

New Local Film and Television Production Incentive Program Announced

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA cityscape on the river.

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – In an effort to attract television and film productions to Broward County, create economic growth, high paying jobs for residents, and offer new and exclusive opportunities for small businesses to boost the local economy, the County is amending the Film Lauderdale/Broward County Film Commission performance-based local Film and Television Incentive Program adopted last year. The […]