$10 Million Fund Incentive Program to Attract High Profile Films and TV Series

Broward County, FL (April 3, 2023) — Film Lauderdale has launched a new, additional, and more robust program named the Special Projects Incentive. With a $10 million fund, this performance-based program intends to attract high profile feature films and television series that provide longer term job creation. It is now the largest incentive program offered for film and television production in the state of Florida. 

“High level projects will be approved on a case-by-case basis, by a County Administration committee depending on the best ROI to the County,” says Sandy Lighterman, Film Commissioner of Film Lauderdale. “Criteria will be based on the number of jobs created, small business hired, the spotlight on our beautiful cities in Broward County, impact to the local economy, and other key considerations.”

Film Lauderdale’s Special Projects Incentive Program fund will be spread over a multi-year timeline. This new initiative is in addition to the County’s current Film and Television Incentive Program, which to date has contracted with ten projects with combined budgets of over seven million dollars. The impact of both incentive programs will benefit the industry workforce, small businesses, and create high-wage paying jobs to boost the local economy.

For productions to qualify for the Special Projects Incentive Program, the minimum Broward County spend is $5 million per project with a ten percent rebate up to $1.5 million per project. This performance-based rebate is disbursed only after the project is completed and proof that all requirements have been satisfied with required paperwork. 

For more information on the program, visit www.filmlauderdale.org.

About Film Lauderdale / Broward County Film Commission

Film Lauderdale is a full-service concierge Film Commission providing locations and logistics assistance, permitting for 26 municipalities, coordinating with state and federal entities, and offering referral resources. The Film Commission’s mission is to attract film and television productions to Broward County, creating economic growth, high wage jobs, and new opportunities for small businesses. 

MEDIA CONTACT: Sandy Lighterman, Film Commissioner
Film Lauderdale – Broward County Film Commission

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